Open house everyone!

UnRekt is an austrian network for everyone.
You are an influencer on Instagram? Come in!
You produce videos on YouTube? You're welcome!
You are live on Twitch? Home sweet Home!
You hate Article17? Hell we need you!

Who's the founder?

That's fairly easy to answer.
Ok... I know... Bad joke...

My name is Oliver (XortiX).
Im was born on 17th of May, 2002 and i live in Lower Austria.
UnRekt basicly started on the 18th of February, 2016.
At first, UnRekt was meant as a simple Minecraft Network. But that didn't work out anyways xD
And now its a Social-Media- and Content-Creator-Network.

Who develops all this?

Second simple answer:
Also me... LMAO

I am doing all of this by myself.
I built the website, i manage all members, i manage the Twitch account. Basicly everything is my sh*t.

Notice me senpai!

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